Clarisonic Mia Review

The Clarisonic Mia is only one of a number of handy pieces of equipment and products produced by the Clarisonic brand of skin care products, which seeks to revolutionize skin care in the same way sonic technology forever changed how millions care for their teeth and gums by the invention of the one-of-a-kind Sonicare Toothbrush.

From the day it was named one of “Oprah’s Favourite Things” back in 2007, almost everybody interested in caring for their skin and looking their best has either used or gotten really interested in using the Clarisonic Mia and the increasingly popular Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System. And because it’s been raved about so much in the media ever since, there are thousands of places you can go to get reviews on the Clarisonic Mia, although most of these are usually more on the technical side of things.

The aim of this Clarisonic Mia review, on the other hand, is to briefly share my personal experiences with my Mia: from the 3 aspects of the Mia that compelled me to buy in the first place, to what I now think after having used it for some time.

But before I get into the review, I figured I’d a say few words about what the cleansing system is and how it works— just in case you somehow missed or managed to escape the consumer frenzy that that one woman from Chicago helped to fuel!

Brief Overview of the Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Technology

Anyone who has been doing it right knows that the first and most crucial step in any skin care ritual is cleansing. It’s crucial because if you’re not cleansing the skin properly, thus clearing the pores and removing the oils and pollutants that we’re exposed to everyday, then you’re really not allowing whatever skin products you’re using to fully absorb into the skin and work their best.

The only problem is that, even as we know all this, proper skin cleansing remains either entirely overlooked or it’s usually not done effectively enough because many of us still use the typical manual cleansing methods which leave behind dirt and oil trapped in pores.

But, by utilizing Clarisonic’s so-called Sonic Skin Cleansing technology (which is basically a specially designed brush head with bristles that oscillate back and forth at sonic frequency of 300 times a second, to gently flex the skin to help release dirt and oil from deep within the pores), the Clarisonic Mia cleanses the skin much more effectively and deeper, and gives an excellent place to start for the rest of your skin care routine. The short video below helps to illustrate all this.

The 3 Things That Appealed Most to Me

Truth be told, the very first time I heard about the Clarisonic Mia it didn’t leave that much impression on me. I just thought, “Well, probably just another one of those passing, snake-oil fads that promise too much and never deliver…” But then Oprah spoke, and that got me curious a bit. Then a few months after that a sceptical friend of mine who had problems with her oily skin for years bought the Mia and started using it religiously. That got me more than curious; it made me pay attention.

This is when I began reading a few Clarisonic Mia reviews on the internet, and it seemed to be producing great results for so many. That, combined with amazing improvements I began to notice on my friend’s skin, I now wanted in on the action too! But out of all the impressive things it could supposedly do, only three caught my eye the most:

      1. It Required You to Put in Only Two Minutes of Your Day to See Those Amazing Results: I lead a pretty busy existence, and, while I care so much that my skin looks its absolute best, I learned from past experiences that I’d be lying to myself if I ever expected to follow any skin-care or beauty regime that required too much time to execute. So, the minimal time to do it was extremely appealing to me.

      2. I Could Use My Own Cleanser So Long As It Was Non-Abrasive: I‘ve always been very particular about what goes on my face— be it a cleanser, a moisturiser, makeup, or sunscreen. Not just for the sake of it, but specifically because my skin can be a little sensitive to changes. If the Clarisonic Mia were like one of those skin-care products that require you to use everything from their end without the freedom to choose from other brands, I probably wouldn’t have tried the Mia. The irony, though, is that as I increasingly gained faith in the Clarisonic line of products and ended up trying out the Clarisonic trial-cleanser that came with the package, I ended up liking it more, and have since adopted it as my daily cleanser!

      3. It Was Being Touted As Particularly Convenient for People Who Travelled A Lot: My job requires that I travel a lot sometimes, and I’ve since proved it myself that the Mia is an extremely convenient little piece of technology for this! Not only that its small size makes it easy to carry around, but, when fully charged, you can use it up to 20 times before it requires recharging! This has made it many times easier and manageable for me to maintain caring for my skin while on-the-go.

So, What Say Me After More Than a Year of Using the Mia?

To put it simply, I absolutely love my Mia! It delivered beyond expectations all those promises I had been reading in all those reviews. My skin is suppler and more radiant today because of the Mia.

The first few times I used it felt kind of weird because I had never used anything like it before, but you quickly get used to it and it soon becomes an actually very pleasant experience. It felt like my skin was being massaged from inside out, and when I applied my moisturiser afterwards was when I could really feel the difference; it felt like my skin was eagerly drinking it up. It was and remains such an amazing experience using my Mia.

When I have makeup on, the Mia does a very good job of removing all traces of it in that one minute of use, way faster than using hands. This can save you a good 15 minutes of your time. The bristles are very soft and gentle; you can really afford to use it twice a day, even if your skin is as sensitive as mine.

Without overstating, my brief Mia sessions have come to be like having a professional facial at home! It has become part of my daily life now.

OK, Enough with the Praise Already...What’s the Catch?

Sorry to disappoint guys, but I have got nothing for you here, even after that many months of using it! Maybe every so often there really is such a thing as a perfect product— well, for me at least. If I had anything to complain about it would be that Clarisonic should have made a life-size brush I could use all over my body; that way I’d come out of the shower each time glittering like a giant block of gold!

Where Best to Buy the Clarisonic Mia?

For the most affordable prices, I’d strongly recommend that you buy yours online. And the best place for a hassle-free shopping with fast and free delivery to your doorsteps is really Amazon.

Since the Mia comes with a guarantee, you can easily return it for a refund if you’re dissatisfied with it. ClickHere To See Today’s Discount.

If you still have questions that haven’t been answered here, hopefully you can read more and have it answered among the many AmazonProduct Reviews about this amazing product. Enjoy your Mia!